Priority Cesspool Sewer & Drain, Inc. is fully licensed, insured, bonded and accredited company providing outstanding Long Island cesspool and septic service, maintenance and installations. We are a family owned and operated Long Island plumbing company servicing all Suffolk County for over 20 years. 
Reliability, quality workmanship and competitive pricing is what you should expect when entrusting Priority Cesspool with your septic tank problems. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and our ability to respond to a customer’s needs quickly and professionally. Most customers are serviced within 1 hour.

At Priority Cesspool Sewer & Drain, Inc. you will never speak with an answering machine or third party answering service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we are here for you. Emergency service is our forte!

Allow Priority Cesspool to exceed your expectations if you require any of the following services:
  • Cesspool and septic system cleaning/pumping, aeration and chemical treatments.
  • Sewer and drain cleaning-(main line, tub, toilet, sink, washing machine, floor drains)
  • Camera inspections of problem waste lines.
  • Electronic locating of cesspools, drywells, septic tanks and waste lines.
  • Cesspool septic system installations and repair.
  • Excavation- foundations and land clearing services.
  • Cesspool / septic inspection and certifications.
  • Drywell & storm drain installation, service and repair.

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